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25 Weird & Bizarre Coins That Are Actually Legal Tender

A selection of the worlds most bizarre coins that are used as legal tender. A recent finance report showed that the people of America hate the dollar coin. This inspired us to do some research into some of the worlds most bizarre legal coinage to see if we could find some inspirational design alternatives for […]

The 10 Valuable Coins That Could Well Be Sitting In Your Pocket Right Now

I bet you won’t be able to read this article without digging deep down into your pockets to check if you are lucky enough to have one of these coins. Did you know that the small change sitting in your pocket could potentially be worth thousands of dollars? If you are like most of us, […]

Secret Hidden Symbols And Messages Found In Your Currency

A look into some of the hidden symbols and meaning in currencies from all around the world In recent years, there has been more and more news about certain symbolic images or messages found in currencies all over the world. Whether this means there is an increasing number of common folks that might take their […]

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